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Finding affordable housing in this unconventional market in the middle of a global Covid-19 pandemic can be a big challenge. It can be particularly hard for graduate students living on tight budgets who need to juggle core courses in an online program while keeping up with bills. The good news is that the pandemic has also shown us how easy it can be to be an online learner, and there are more options than ever when it comes to online formats for business schools.

If you’re considering applying to graduate school or have already been accepted and need an affordable housing situation, don’t let affordable housing or a lack of it impact your decision to earn an online MBA. Instead, in taking the time to research the same way you likely did your specialization, you could find that there are more options out there than you think. For things to consider when it comes to housing while in an online MBA program or any graduate school program at all, read on.

Finding a Roommate or House Share

You’ve survived the GMAT, the online student interview, and even proven yourself to have the ability to handle the rigorous coursework involved in a graduate program. Trust yourself that you’ll be able to find a solution when it comes to affordable housing.

One of the most common ways to save money on housing during graduate school in the United States is to look into sharing expenses with a roommate or through a house share situation. Start by searching your graduate school online boards and asking around in your cohort. You might be surprised who else is in your same situation and would be interested in teaming up on sharing expenses. Contact the college’s student services offices, too. The housing department may have ideas for you or be able to connect you with other students looking to share accommodations.

Maybe you’re fresh out of your undergraduate school studies and don’t have the money to spend on fixing up a new apartment. Another great way to save money, regardless of whether you’ll have a roommate, could be to look into fully furnished apartments. Hello Landing, for example, has furnished apartments around the nation’s most popular cities. Their fully-furnished apartments for rent feature top furnishings and flexible short or long-term leases. This could be a great and affordable solution for anyone who needs to move quickly to a new city to begin their graduate studies.

Considering Alternative Living Arrangements

Whether you’re seeking an online MBA degree fresh out of earning your bachelor’s degree, or you have years of work experience, it could be in your personal interest to consider alternative living arrangements. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused housing prices to skyrocket and many people are having great luck living in converted vans, RVs, tiny houses, and Airbnb set-ups. If you’re planning to earn your MBA degree online, a great way to save money could be to look into any of these options. For an online degree, you’ll obviously be able to work remotely. Living on wheels could be a solution for now, or it could even mean the ability to travel during school.

Maybe you have big plans to move to Ohio to be closer to the University of Cincinnati. While you won’t need to be in class because your school provides high-quality, online academic programs from a premier research and higher learning institution, it could still be part of the experience to pack up that RV or converted van to be closer to your school.

Using Networks and Connections to Locate Housing

Any truly successful career can hinge on networking connections. Whether it’s that mentor who took a personal interest in your career advancement or the MBA admission consultant who helped you get into the best school, you likely already know about the importance of networking. When looking for affordable housing, don’t hesitate to call on friends, family, co-workers, and even acquaintances for ideas on a temporary living situation that might work for you. From renting out someone’s basement to long term house-sitting gigs, there’s always an answer if you’re willing to think creatively and ask around.

At the end of the day, finding affordable housing will take some research. In planning ahead of time and being open-minded about sharing expenses and alternative living arrangements, you’ll put yourself in the best position to live affordably during graduate school. Congratulations on your decision to further your education, and best of luck in your studies and career path ahead.

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Tips For Finding Affordable Housing As A Grad Student (Contributed Content Provided by Scholarship Media)The Daily of The University of Washington, April 6, 2021